Born 1978 in East Berlin. Studies: German language and literature, philosophy and art history in Cologne. Whilst studying first work experience as assistant with various film productions as well as assisting at various German theatres; First assignments as filmmaker, director and author for following short films: Der Geheimniskrämer (engl. “The Mystery-monger”, 2001), De veritate (2003), as well as for first theatre productions: gestern heute morgen (engl. „yesterday today tomorrow”, 2002) and Wohnhaus Hoffnung (engl. “The Apartment House of Hope”, 2004);

2005 Graduation from University; thesis on contemporary German author Marcel Beyer on the subject of photography and memory;  2006/07 working as assistant director at Vienna’s “Burgtheater“, 2008 short film Das Telefonat (“The telephone call”) and two short film screen-plays as well as an exposé for a feature fiction movie that Jenny Gand’s applies at Hamburg Media School (HMS) with. Although accepted she decides instead to enrol with Danube University Krems signing on a master course on TV & film production completing the class successfully in 2010.

Jenny Gand lives and works in Vienna.               More information go to:


Jenny Gand - Script / Directress / Cinematography / Editing

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