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The traditional Carinthian song „Is schon still uman See“ (‘It’s already quiet around the lake’) constitutes a crucial musical component of the film. Helga began humming the song during the making of the film spontaneously. In many ways this song is significant to her and she enjoys singing it on her own as well as with the Villach Workers’ Choir, a singing group that meet up regularly. Michael Dörfler takes up the tune as the film’s leitmotiv in different arrangements - it accompanies us throughout the film just as it has been accompanying Helga throughout her life.

„Is schon still uman See“

composed by: Günther Mittergradnegger

lyrics: Gerhard Glawischnig                                                                     Courtesy of Johannes Heyn Publishers, Klagenfurt

Music composed and arranged by Michael Dörfler

Michael Dörfler has worked as music producer and sound engineer in Austria and Germany with artists like Georg Danzer, Rainhard Fendrich and Thomas D. Since 2001 he has been running TRIPBOX Sound Studio in Vienna.

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“Working on ‘Wild Mint’ was a true balancing act concerning two aspects of the film. On one hand Helga is an admirable, strong woman who has maintained a positive outlook on life. On the other hand you need to take into account the presence of the pain she suffers from her past experiences which  is something that does not become evident to the audience instantly. The melodies in this movie which can be regarded as the protagonists of the soundtrack are powerful yet idle. By embedding them in different arrangements and a sound design that is meant to unsettle the mind of the listener, keeping the listener on edge, I tried to express these two aspects in a musical way. ”

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