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Helga Emperger

Helga Emperger born Peskoller in 1928 in Lienz, East Tyrol.

When she was four years old she moved to Villach with her family where she was brought up and studied domestic economy for three years. As a teenager she was already involved in her parents’ resistance activities. In November 1944 both she and her mother were arrested by the GESTAPO. Because of her young age Helga managed to avoid prosecution by the People’s Court and survived.

After 1945 she worked as a secretary for the Communist District Administration in Villach for a number of years. Later she was secretary at the Villach Perau School. She was politically active in the peace movement as well as a committed board member of the KZ-Association (Concentration Camp Association) for many years. She has also been an active board member of the association ‘Remembrance’ and still is to this day.  

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